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Film Commissions Contacts:

Riverside County Film Commission –

   *Bettina Breckenfeld –

   *Stephanie Stethem –



Production Support Contacts:                                                                                         \

Inland Empire Film Services

   *Dan Taylor –

   *Sheri Davis –


Mountain Locations –

   *Ben Beitzel –


Big Bear Locations –

   *Alex Hamilton –


High Desert Locations –

   *John Miller –


Palm Springs Locations & Film Services –

   *Marc Hlavaty –



Local Media Contacts:

Valley News


Menifee Buzz –

   *Teddy Groves –


Press Enterprise –

   *Shane Newall –


Neighbors Newspaper –

   *Diane Simones –


Save Your Legacy Photos –

    *Rod Fink –   (Veteran Owned Company)



Production Services:

Drone Services Provided Upon Request

Cast and Crew Provided Upon Request

Permits:  Further County and City Contact Referrals Upon Request 


Other Services:

Website and Social Media Managment 

  *Crystal Morrow –